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The Idealists are people who want to make the world a better place.

We assess, validate, pair and grow your Sustainable Development Goal related idea into a company for you

Do you have an amazing idea on how to achieve one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but somehow never realize it?

You’re not alone. Statistics show only 3% of all people ever turn their golden idea into reality. Think about that, everything around you has been made by only 3% of all people. Imagine what the world would look like if the other 97% had realized their ideas as well…

At The Idealists, we bring your idea to life for you

Safely send us your SDG related idea and after your idea has been thoroughly assessed we’ll, with a founding team, investors, our pool of employees and coaches build a company for your idea and bring it to life. For you and the world to profit from.



I’ve got a great SDG-related idea that can help the world, needs to become reality and want you to bring it to life for me



I’d love to help grow one of the validated impactful ideas as a co-founder and receive both shares and a wage



I’m an investor and want to join the equity-crowdfunding platform where I can assess these impactful opportunities