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You’ve had a brilliant idea for some time now and it feels like one of your most prized possessions.
One day you’ll do it, you keep telling yourself, but that ‘one day’ just never seems to be ‘today’.
There are just so many obstacles. Where to start? Where to get the funding for it? What about the financial risks involved with quitting your day-job for a life as an entrepreneur? Am I really an entrepreneur?

At the same time, you know your idea can improve other people’s lives today.
If only there was some magical way of making it happen ‘today’ without turning your entire life upside down.

Well, there is now.

At The Idealists, we thoroughly assess your UN Sustainable Development Goals related golden idea and after we’re able to validate it as a unique and good idea, we pair it with a founding team consisting of a Catalyst (CEO-Founder) and a Creator (Technical Founder), secure the funding for it through our equity-crowdfunding platform and with the help of our employees and coaches build an actual company for it in which you have a share as well.

So what is your idea worth? Honestly, we don’t know yet.

After we have assessed and validated your idea and taken our 15% share in it, which we share with our employees, our pool of co-founders will start to bid on your project and when the team is formed, the financiers will do the same on our equity-crowdfunding platform.

The better your idea, the more people will bid on it, resulting in a bigger remaining share for you. So, realisticaly what will this lead to? What is the value of an idea, knowing that every book on startups today will tell you that ‘execution’ is everything or that it’s all about ‘funding’. Well, they all have their part to play in this formula of success and no success is possible without either the idea, the execution or the right financing behind it.

Taking in this in mind, expect that depending on how good your idea is, that 40-60% of all shares will go to ‘execution’, which means us and the founding team, and 20-30% to the financiers. Resulting in a 10-40% share for you as the person who thought up the original idea.
If we, after assessing, validating and pairing with founders and funders, fail to secure at least a remaining 10% share for you, we will return the idea to you.

We promise to be completely transparant throughout the entire process, keeping you constantly updated on the status of your idea. We know how valuable your idea is to you and will handle it with the utmost care.

Just think of the many people out there who are waiting for your solution to improve their lives. Safely send us your idea below and turn ‘one day’ into ‘today’


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Think for instance of what is new/unique about your idea, which problem do you solve with your idea, how may it change people’s lives compared to what they currently use?
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What triggered you to come up with this idea and how did it evolve into the idea you submit now?
I hereby state that this idea is 100% mine, I have never submitted it to The Idealists before, and that no one else has a possible full or partly claim on this idea (for example a company or university that paid me while I came up with this idea or someone who thought up the idea together with me). I understand that all costs made by The Idealists to assess, pair and grow this idea will be billed to me if later it turns out that I didn't answer this question truthfully and this idea was not rightfully mine or if I have already submitted this same idea before to The Idealists. *